Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Star Power

And so, as was foretold generations ago, a new celestial body has formed in the heavens. A convergence of stars from a far off galaxy has blended with the edges of our own Milky Way, creating a unique shape that speaks volumes with its late night, long and low glow.

The influence of this charming form is compelling. Its imagined sounds are at once both soulful and enlightened. It brings a combination of joy and puzzlement to those who are able to find it in the eastern sky. It causes alternating concern and whimsy. No other known constellation has, or ever will, force mankind to look inward, take itself less serious, develop deep laughter and allow a true clown like behavior to color our lives.

With awe-inspiring giggles and glee, may I present…

Puppis Dachsicorn Minor

Happy April Fools' Day,



CousinK said...

DENNIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonia said...

HEHEHEHHEE that is me giggling with glee. :) I love it!!!!

Dana Leigh said...

Love it!