Friday, June 5, 2009

Lucky Stiff

Because of my propensity for winning, my dad used to call me a “lucky stiff.” I must admit; I have been quite lucky through the years.

My lucky streak may have started way back in 1967, when I won a tube of Brylcreem (A little dab’ll do ya!), and soap on a rope from KDWB Radio. I’ve won radios, a television, concert tickets and, well, read on. 

When the Minnesota State Lottery first started selling scratch tickets, my father-in-law bought some for each of us. We got to pick our own tickets from the group, and one of mine ended up a $1000 winner! (I shared with him, of course.) 

Another time, my wife and I were on a business trip, visiting a trade show, and happened upon a booth that was about to hold a drawing for $500 cash. I quickly dug one of my business cards out of my wallet and threw it into the barrel. Another person’s name was called, but when that person wasn’t present they drew another card – mine! We splurged on a steak dinner that evening and saved the rest toward a family vacation. A couple of years later, I attended the same trade show, and visited the same booth. They were again having a contest; this time the cash winners were identified by lucky numbers found on the bottom of small goldfish bowls. If you picked the right bowl, you won cash and a goldfish. Believe it or not, I won, and happily walked around the rest of the day with a goldfish in a water-filled plastic bag and a wad of bills in my pocket!

My biggest win, about 20 years ago, was an all-expense-paid trip to a trade show in Amsterdam. I was able to exchange the first class airfare for two coach tickets, and extend the trip to include some vacation time. My wife and I first spent 5-6 days in Switzerland, visiting family and friends, and then took a train on to the show in Amsterdam. The entire trip was an amazing experience!

I am pleased to announce the winner of a limited edition print of “Reaching,” from the blog comment contest: #4 - Mary Ann Wachholz.

So, lucky winner, you have three days to contact me (through Sunday), and claim your prize; contact information is on my website. If I don’t hear from you by then, I’ll draw another name and announce it in next week’s post.

Thank you everyone, for leaving comments, and for the many encouraging and complimentary emails, as well. We’ll do this again.

Now, I’m off to do a little fishing. I hope my luck holds out! 

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Dana Leigh said...

You have had some luck over the years with contests. I, am too, pretty lucky when it comes to contests. I do win quite a few things but I enter a lot of different contests, increasing my chances. I've never won a trip before but Jamie did and I was able to go with her!