Sunday, December 20, 2009

Memories of Christmases Past

I’ve been reminiscing lately, and thinking about how blessed I am to have these memories of Christmas…

As a kid, picking out a Christmas tree at the corner lot with my dad and brother. I especially remember the light bulbs, hung across the lot, illuminating the trees.

As a dad, the adventure of taking my kids to a “cut your own” tree farm, in search of the perfect Christmas tree.

Many years of "Family Christmas" at Crabtree’s Kitchen, where we enjoyed a wonderful meal and then a horse drawn sleigh ride through the woods. Grandpa often claimed to spot Rudolph through the trees, and the "real" Santa always paid a visit.

The warmth of our home on a cold, snowy Christmas Eve.

Melting butter and paprika sprinkled on top of the mashed potatoes, served with a Christmas meal at Aunt Irene and Cousin Kris’ house.

Uncle Vern and his tape recorder.

Moving from upper to lower Edgerton Street during the week between Christmas and New Year, and having a fully decorated tree in the trailer with the rest of our belongings.

Singing Silent Night, while holding a lit candle in the darkened sanctuary of our church during Christmas Eve service.

Peeling dried, cooled wax from my fingers.

Ornaments, hand made by us kids, and as ugly as they were, Mom still hung them on the tree.

A mountain of gifts under the tree, and the anticipation of opening them.

Taking a nap during the afternoon on Christmas Eve, to make the time go faster.

Rice pudding, and a prize awaiting the lucky person to find the walnut hidden somewhere in the bowl. I never ate the pudding, but was allowed to hunt for the nut.

My mom, scurrying around getting the meal on the table, and always the last to sit and eat.

One of my fellow employees, coming to our door on Christmas Eve and asking for food.

Barney, our dog, and his appetite for discarded wrapping paper.

“Christmas lights out mom’s side!”

What are your Christmas memories?


Mike said...

Spying late at night trying to figure out who Santa is... Waking up all of my lazy siblings, who never seem to want to get up.... Playing with the wax of the candle at church... Writing note's to Santa and leaving them on the fireplace, he always ate our cookies too!

John said...

I remember:

Crabtrees Kitchen and seeing Santa peering in through the windows.

Grandpa saying he just saw Rudolph while on the sleigh ride.

Taking naps on Christmas Eve to make the day go faster.

Singing carols by candlelight at church.

Waking up Christmas morning to the sound of mom vacuuming upstairs. (I still love this!)

Mike jumping on me with excitement.

"Christmas lights out mom's side!"

And now the most recent memory - Asking my best friend to marry me!

Laura said...

Oh too many memories to list! Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year! But here are some:

Visiting Santa at Crabtree's (they just don't make 'em like they used to...)

laying under the Christmas tree looking up into the lights (I always had to hang that plastic angel ornament just right so her skirt would glow- I still hang her a special way on my tree),

waking up early and peeking out the sliding door to see what presents are there (obviously we still didn't get up early enough for Michael though),

grandma spotting Rudolph flying outside and grandpa spotting him in the woods,

leaving our bedroom shades open just enough so Santa could peek in and see if we were being good,

and one last very odd Christmas memory I have is falling asleep at Grandma Sterner's Forever Fifty Club Christmas party and falling backwards through the folding chair onto the floor. I think Jamie remembers that happening!

Jamie said...

Laura - I totally remember that, you were so skinny you slid through the chair! LOL!

I remember:

Always looking for Santa's sleigh in the air guided by Rudolph's nose every Christmas Eve. (I still look)

Going to Grandma Sterner's Christmas parties for the lodge for many years with Grandma and Dana and we would sing a song in front of everyone. We would practice for weeks. One year a "scary" Santa came with a plastic mask and Dana and I didn't want to go up to him, but Grandma Sterner made us. :)

Getting an ornament every year from my mom so we would have our own collection when we were older. I still have every one.

Dana and I snooping around for our presents almost every year and finding them before Christmas. One year we found Atari in the garage when we were waiting for the bus before school with neighborhood kids. Then on Christmas we opened all of our presents to find we didn't get the Atari. We wondered if they forgot it in the garage, but as it turned out our neighbors found out we found it and told my parents. We did end up getting it, just a little later to teach us a lesson.

Getting the best stuff in our stockings every year!

And of course all the good times with family!

Merry Christmas!