Thursday, June 24, 2010

Boy, what a week!

It's taken me a week to recover from all the activity.

Two weeks ago, tomorrow, we held a bachelor party for my oldest son. I was a little surprised that I was even invited, since these things are usually meant for the groom and his brothers and buddies. Nevertheless, the old man was asked to come, and I had a ball with those young bucks. Golf, watching soccer on TV, good food, plenty of refreshments, and "twenty-something" entertainment made for a great weekend.

Then, on Monday, I returned to work for a few days of making a living. It took some time to try to catch up on sleep, and then Thursday came, and I left work early for the rehearsal and groom's dinner. Again we had good food, and a very pleasant evening, even though the weather went south on us with wind and rain.

Friday morning dawned with humidity, overcast skies and a mild breeze. A golf game in the morning was a blast, and that led us to early afternoon preparation for the big event. The wedding was at 5:00, and we were blessed with sunshine and cobalt blue sky. We couldn't have asked for more as the ceremony progressed into pictures, dinner, and dancing.

After a very late night, Saturday brought more good weather, and a gathering of parents and siblings for gift opening. Then, a filling lunch at our local Mexican restaurant capped off the weekend. We wished the bride and groom our best as they departed for a week-long camping trip in the Rockies.

John and Jen - Big congratulations, and love and hugs to you both!

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Dana Leigh said...

The wedding was a great time. I have pictures on my blog from the day including a nice one of you, Pat and Amelia that M took.