Sunday, March 15, 2009

Resolution report card

Here it is, mid-March, and the snow is quickly disappearing in the Midwest. Today’s forecast is for sunny skies and 50°. Trees are beginning to bud and migrating birds are returning. Everywhere I look there are signs of spring, and I’m ready.

It seems like an appropriate time to do a status report on my New Year’s resolutions. In past years, by the 3rd month, I have probably forgotten that I had even made any. Not so this year, good people! I am driven! I am dedicated! I am focused! I am reminded by my wife!

Seriously, I really am committed to do my best in meeting my goals this year.

Let’s see how I’ve done:

  1. Lose the 10 pounds I gained back last year, and then lose another 10. That would put me 40 pounds lighter, total, over the last 2 years.
    As of today, I have lost 5 of those first 10 pounds.

  2. Finish building my new website. (Actually, this might be a resolution for my wife and son; they are doing all of the work.)
    I am very pleased at the progress that I (my wife and son) are making, and look forward to announcing my new site soon.

  3. Complete at least 2 new pieces of art per month for the entire year. It may not seem like much, but adding this to my already jam-packed schedule of a full-time job and handling house issues is plenty, unless cloning me is an option.
    At 2-1/2 months into the new year, I have finished 8 new paintings! All will be presented when the web site is complete.

  4. Blog more often. Many people write daily, but considering the reasons mentioned earlier, I resolve to write at least once per week.
    In the 10th week of the year, this is my 10th blog. So far, so good.

  5. Stop being such a procrastinator! Get on the stick! Make a move! Git-R-Done!
    Sigh. Still trying…
That’s not bad, especially for a procrastinator like me.

Until later,